The original handwritten
lyrics of michael jackson smooth Criminal

In 1985 Michael Jackson started his work on a song that would later become one of his greatest musical triumphs. Starting out as something from a western style musical with Michael himself starring as a gunslinger, it evolved to a song he first called “Al Capone” and later became reworked into the magna opus we know “smooth criminal”.

Four different official videos were produced for this song, the original shown in the “Moonwalker” film, featuring Michael and his dancers doing the legendary 45 degree lean, apparently defying gravity as they dance an act that was patented and growing more and more elaborate over time. Smooth Criminal has been performed on all of Michael Jacksons great tours: the Bad, Dangerous and HIStory tours. It is one of Michaels signature songs and has appeared in numerous of his albums. This year the Artlima AG offers for prospective art collectors a sui generis artifact. The original working paper of Smooth Criminal done by Michael Jackson, purchased from Michael Jackson’s manager of over a decade, Dieter Wiesner. It is a unique document on which Michael scribbled his ideas for his magna opus “Smooth Criminal”.

You can observe firsthand how the artist formed the words, jostled with ideas and presented melody on paper with lines drawn underneath in his handwriting representing the crescendo and rallentando moments of the song. His fingerprints are still all over the document. Currently stored in the bank vault in Basel, Switzerland.

The intitial Bid price is set at 3 Million US Dollar, and any serious bids can be made here.